Funded digital-health startup (with revenue) is looking for a react native developer with swift / OBJ-C experience.

You will be the the 2nd member on the IOS team who will build MVP for our future products.

You will work out of our office in Stockholm, Sweden


The What

NuvoAir is a digital Health startup focused on Lung health. We build a bluetooth connected medical device (called a spriometer), a mobile app, and a cloud service to connect patients and healthcare providers.


The Who

We are a small team of senior engineers and experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in pharma, banking, startups, e-commerce, and gaming.

Team here:


The When

ASAFP -- we are interviewing now and would like to get you on board before Christmas


The Why

Our sales team is kicking ass and filling the pipeline, so that means our workload is increasing. Our product roadmaps are accelerating, so this is your chance to really own a product from the get-go.


Company Culture

Wow -- you made it this far and still reading? Good for you!

Though we are based in Stockholm, Sweden we are very international. English is the default language, so you had better bring your A-game there.

  • We don't care about what school you went to. 
  • We don't care about degrees or certifications.  
  • We care about output, your enthusiasm, and willingness to contribute and learn.

Feedback is direct, honest, and unfiltered.  You can expect that from us, and we expect that from you.

This is not a butts-in-seats company, so if you need to come in late, that is fine. Just make sure you deliver.

Bring your sense of humor. You will need it.


The How

What does a first-date look like? 

Let's start here:

  1. C-Level types love linkedIn profiles, so send that.
  2. Engineers love github /  portfolio sites / and actual runnable code (app store links?) that you can show. (Side projects are a big win here)
  3. Human resource types would like to know what your work status is (visa sponsorship, etc)
  4. Your availability for a quick first chat with our CTO (Thats me).

And just so that we see you have some attention to detail, please put "boom goes the dynamite" in your message to us.


Getting in touch.

Just ping me directly: