Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit
Air MD Starter Kit

Air MD Starter Kit

    Money Back Guarantee 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee
    One Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty

    For Doctors and Healthcare Professionals only

      Kit includes one Air Next Spirometer and access to the Air MD Premium Software Subscription for six months
      This kit is intended for use by Doctors and Healthcare professionals ONLY. If you are a patient interested in obtaining an Air Next Spirometer, please speak to your caregiver and encourage them to contact us to explore options.

    Free shipping in Europe!

    Air Next Spirometer

    • CE-Marked, clinical grade portable spirometer: Air Next captures your lung health in seconds anywhere, anytime
    • Used by thousands of physicians across the world
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology for a smooth connection with most smartphones & tablets on Android & iOS. See compatible devices below


    Air MD Premium Smartphone Application

    Premium features include:
      • Unlimited number of patient profiles & data storage
      • Advanced PDF report including LLN data, z-score and volume time curve
      • Forced expiratory measuring:
        • FEV1 and % predicted
        • FVC and % predicted 
        • FEV1/FVC ratio and % predicted
        • PEF and % predicted
        • MEF25 (FEF75) and % predicted
        • MEF50 (FEF50) and % predicted
        • MEF75 (FEF25) and % predicted
        • MEF75-25 (FEF25-75) and % predicted
        • Duration
        • Lung Age

    Full loop inspiratory additionally measures:
      • FIVC and % predicted
      • PIF
      • MIF 50
      • MIF 50/MEF 50
      • Duration
    • Pre-post bronchodilator test and interpretation 
    • Reference values based on Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI)
    • Display of the curves for an immediate data analysis
    • Session grading, coaching and error detection based on ATS guidelines
    • ATS Interpretation of spirometric data
    • Compatible with NuvoAir single-use turbines with integrated mouthpiece
    • Compatible with iOS (from iOS 8.0) and Android (from 5.0)
    • Free Support

    PLEASE NOTE: The first six months of the subscription is included in the cost of the kit. After this, it will automatically convert to a €24,95/month rolling subscription (notice period for cancellation: one month). Not activated or terminated subscriptions will revert to the free version of Air MD, featuring up to nine patient profiles and expiratory tests showing FEV1, FVC, ratio, PEF and curve only.

    You will be provided with instructions on how to claim your premium subscription after your order has been processed.


    As you may be aware, we have recently obtained FDA approval in the USA. This exciting news is still quite new so we are finalising the last parts of our import license - expect shipments to the US to be live within the coming weeks! Thank you for your continued patience.

    iOS: iPhone 4S or above; iOS 9 or higher

    Android: Android OS 5.0 and above


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