Aria + Air Next MONTHLY Subscription (includes 1 turbine per month)
Aria + Air Next MONTHLY Subscription (includes 1 turbine per month)

Aria + Air Next MONTHLY Subscription (includes 1 turbine per month)

Money Back Guarantee 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee
One Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty
Aria is a CE certified and clinically validated digital health assistant focused on patients with respiratory conditions. Aria is designed to support you in making the right choices when it comes to your lung health. Ideal for cystic fibrosis, IPF, lung transplant and severe Asthma patients.
Please contact us when purchasing Aria so that we can activate the correct disease management module.
The monthly subscription includes:
Air Next
  • CE-Marked, clinical grade mobile spirometer: Air Next captures your lung health in seconds anywhere, anytime
  • Used by thousands of patients across the world
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology for a smooth connection with most smartphones & tablets on Android & iOS. See compatible devices below
  • 12 NuvoAir disposable turbines per year


Aria - Mobile Application (iOS and Android)
  • Lung function monitoring with personalised feedback and instructions
  • Full overview of lung function evolution including FVC, FEV1 and PEF
  • Display of the curves for the most demanding users 
  • Adherence module to ensure you are always on top of your medications and activities
  • Smart feedback on environmental data that can affect your lung health
  • Collect your symptoms and triggers so you can understand what affects your lung health
  • Unlimited storage
  • Compatible with iOS (from iOS 8.0) and Android (from 5.0)


Premium support and unlimited warranty.

Free shipping in Europe!

* Running subscription with one month termination, minimum 12 months. Terminated subscriptions will not have access to Aria anymore.

DISCLAIMER: The Air Next is NOT yet approved by the FDA, meaning that it can only be shipped to the US as a sample for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial or clinical use. 


iOS: iPhone 4S or above; iOS 9 or higher

Android: Android OS 5.0 and above


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